Thank you for visiting my blog and actually reading the About page, it’s very nice of you. My name is Alex Tatiyants and I like writing funny things about technology. I’m also the proud creator of JS.js, the originator (and spiritual leader) of the MoreSQL movement, and the inventor of Guilt Driven Development.

More about me

I’ve put together a quick FAQ in case you need more.

Q: In the past, you’ve repeatedly referred to blogging as a “giant waste of time”. Why are you blogging?

A: That’s a fair question. At different points in my life I’ve made the same comment about cellphones, Tivo, techno, frozen yogurt, Facebook, Twitter, the metric system, the Kyoto protocol, and pelmeni soup. Point is, I don’t have a flawless track record when it comes to figuring out what’s worth while. Plus, as it turns out, I have opinions that some may find interesting and observations that some may find relevant. But much more importantly than that, writing stuff down helps me understand it. So yes, blogging is largely a selfish endeavor.


Q: You seem to expect me to read your blog, yet I don’t know the first thing about you. What gives?

A: Good point. Since I think that a good way to know someone is through their dislikes, here are some of mine:

Q: Are you actually going to keep this thing updated?

A: Well, I certainly intend to, but who can really say for sure. My recommendation is this: if you find any of the posts even remotely interesting, sign up for the RSS feed. If you don’t see anything worthwhile in a month or so, unsubscribe. (Well, except around the holidays, I will very likely get lazy).


Q: Your blog looks gorgeous. For the love of all that’s good, where did you get this fantastic theme?

A: Thank you for noticing and I designed it myself.

Older questions which no longer apply

Q: Your blog looks boring. Why is that?

A: First of, what you call “boring” I call “minimalist“. Second, I’m using it for two reasons. One, I don’t like visual clutter, it’s distracting. Two, I assume that if you like the blog, you’ll subscribe to it and end up reading it in your favorite RSS reader.

Q: Unless my eyes deceive me, it looks like you’re using an off-the-shelf WordPress template instead of creating your own. As a self-proclaimed web designer, how do you sleep at night?

A: Another fair question. I did seriously consider creating my own WP theme and I still may someday, but I figured that writing more posts for the blog is a more worthwhile investment.

Q: What’s with your logo?

A: It’s supposed to be a keyboard key with the word “create” on it. I made it because I like to create stuff (software, music, art, etc) and happen to use computers to do so.