Designers vs. Bootstrap


Although some web designers are opposed to using front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, I respectfully disagree.

The Microsoft Tax


Microsoft’s recent embrace of open-source software does not eliminate the cost you pay if you decide to embrace its stack.

Startup Defaults

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Setting up infrastructure for a new startup is easier than ever with a set of products like Google Apps and AWS.

How to Build a Cheap Treadmill Desk


Treadmill desks are becoming quite popular among the sitterati. A few months ago, spurred by a combination of back problems and the chorus of “sitting will kill you” articles, I decided to build one.

Management Anti-Patterns on Product Teams


There are many ways to structure management of product teams. Some of those management roles are vital, while others can be really problematic.

Are Single Page Apps Bad?

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Though Single Page Apps (SPAs) are quickly becoming the conventional wisdom when it comes to building rich web applications, a recent alternative has emerged: Resource Oriented Client Architecture (ROCA).

Introducing Platen: Markdown WordPress Editor

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Today I want to tell you about a piece of software I’ve been building for the last few weeks. It’s called Platen and it’s a Markdown WordPress Editor distributed as a Chrome packaged app. 

Podio: Custom Business Processes Done Right


Every now and then I run across what I call forehead-slapping software. You know, the kind of software that makes you slap your forehead and exclaim “This is so simple, yet so awesome. Why didn’t I think of it first?!”. In this post I’ll describe one such software package and explain what exactly makes it so forehead-slapping. Enjoy!

Using OAuth to Protect Internal REST API

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You should use OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow to secure REST APIs used in your web application.

Tests Prevent Code Rot


Tests help safely refactor your code base in order to prevent inevitable code rot.

My Startup Story


The Lean Startup movement has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to build great companies which solve real problems. It has been responsible for many stories of entrepreneurial passion, dedication, and ultimate success. This is one such story.