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How to Write a Children’s Book

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As a parent, I read a lot of children’s books. Each time I pick up one of these literary masterpieces, I can’t help but stare at amazement at the words in front of me. It’s hard to believe that such a delightful work of art was conceived of, written, edited, printed, distributed, and sold by and to adults.

My Most Spammed Posts

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Since I had so much fun writing about comment spam before, I just had to do it again. This time, I thought it would be interesting to see which posts were the most popular with spammers. The results might surprise you.

Should I Hate My Job? New Poll Says Yes


In a recent poll about most hated jobs, Director of Information Technology topped the list. That’s right, IT Directors hate their jobs more than anyone else. More than garbage collectors, executioners, telemarketers, investment bankers, S&P employees, elected politicians, unelected politicians, network executives, and network executive assistants.

Fun With Financial Crashes


What a crazy week it was on the stock exchanges. Huge swings up and down, see-sawing back and forth, massive losses followed by massive gains, unbridled despair followed by unbridled joy, and so on and so forth.

Flavors of Comment Spam

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Before I started blogging, I was only peripherally aware of an internet phenomenon known as comment spam.

Hostile Code Bases

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I don’t like calling code bases legacy. The word “legacy” makes people think of Ivy League schools, vintage leather couches, and Dad’s old bottle of Scotch. It rarely elicits the kind of feeling of pain and despair one normally gets when dealing with old code. So instead, I prefer to call crusty old code Hostile. Dealing with […]

Geek Comic: Daily Standups

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Geek Comic: Steps to Reproduce


You may also like: Geek Comic: Daily StandupsGeek comic: Pair ProgrammingShould I Hate My Job? New Poll Says YesYet Another PaintingMy Old Sketches: Surrealism

Devs Say the Darndest Things

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Software guys have great sayings. This may be surprising to some since we don’t usually associate mastery of the spoken word with geekdom. Nonetheless, there are some gems out there and I’ve compiled a short list of my favorites. Enjoy! “You can only have one baby in nine months no matter how many women you […]

Geek comic: Pair Programming

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I decided create a series of comic strips about software development. All artwork is done on an iPad using Autodesk’s awesome Sketchbook Pro app and a Boxwave Stylus. Enjoy! You may also like: DoodlingGeek Comic: Daily StandupsGeek Comic: Steps to ReproduceLogitech Keyboard for iPadGoodbye Original iPad