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Logitech Keyboard for iPad


Ever since I got my 1st gen iPad two years ago, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to use it for writing. More specifically, I’ve been looking for a good keyboard.

Goodbye Original iPad

Yesterday, Apple announced a new version of its iOS operating system. It’s got a plethora of features and some are actually pretty interesting. In fact, as an iPhone user, I’m kinda looking forward to it. However, as an iPad user, I’m bummed.

The Impact of Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs’ passing away this week unleashed an avalanche of opinions on every conceivable topic even remotely related to him. Will there be another one like him? What will happen to Apple? Who will lead future technology revolutions?


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I like to doodle. I do it frequently, mostly in meetings. Just to clear the air, my doodling during meetings does not mean that I’m not paying attention. In fact, it’s the opposite. (I’m apparently not alone in this: there was a study a few years ago which demonstrated the phenomenon).

Safari To Go 2 for iPad: Finally usable

Safari Books Online just released a new version of their iPad app, Safari To Go and I, for one, was very interested to try it. There are two reasons for my interest in Safari To Go. First, I’m a big fan of Safari’s subscription-based book service and of iPads. So, an app that combines the two is highly […]

Geek comic: Pair Programming

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I decided create a series of comic strips about software development. All artwork is done on an iPad using Autodesk’s awesome Sketchbook Pro app and a Boxwave Stylus. Enjoy! You may also like: DoodlingGeek Comic: Daily StandupsGeek Comic: Steps to ReproduceLogitech Keyboard for iPadGoodbye Original iPad

Living in Cloud City

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I make it a point to back up as much data as I can into the Cloud. I didn’t always do this, but there were two compelling events that forced me to change. My path to the Cloud The first compelling event was actually two events. Specifically, twice in my life I had my computer […]

Safari To Go: how not to build an iPad app

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I really like Safari Books Online. As one colleague put it, it’s “the gift of unlimited knowledge“. For those who aren’t familiar, Safari is an online subscription-based book service. You pay a monthly fee to get access to a boat load of technology, business, finance, and other books. These books are only available in electronic […]