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Groking Angular: Dependency Injection and Testing

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Although Angular’s syntax for Dependency Injection is sometimes difficult to understand, it’s actually quite straight forward to use for testing.

How to Use JSON Objects With Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead

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Twitter’s Bootstrap is all the rage these days, and for good reason. It’s chock full of aesthetically pleasing, easily customizable styles and useful widgets. Among the latter you’ll typeahead, a widget for auto-suggesting possible values in response to user input.

Introducing JS.js

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Do you ever wish that you could write awesome client side code while using a familiar syntax? Do you want to leverage powerful concepts like closures and prototypical inheritance? How about using 3rd party libraries without conflicts? Well, your dreams are about to come true. I’m pleased to announce a brand new JavaScript library called JS.js.



JavaScript is a great language with a few bad parts. For all its expressiveness and power, JavaScript can at times be awkward, visually noisy, and downright painful. And although none of these problems are fatal, it sure would be nice if there was a way not to deal with them.

Groking JavaScript: Encapsulation

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JavaScript is lingua franca of the internet. It’s everywhere, it’s important, and it’s not going away. Yet a lot of devs who use JavaScript don’t understand it well at all. It’s certainly not for a lack of resources. In fact, there are many great resources on the internets for learning JavaScript. There are also great […]

MIX 11 Highlights: JavaScript edition

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Microsoft held its annual web development focused conference MIX in Las Vegas last week. Although Windows Phone development was the hot topic, there were also a number of great talks on web development topics (especially JavaScript). I’ve compiled a list of the most interesting ones to me. Enjoy! JavaScript: The Language Great talk from Luke […]

Web Applications: the future of all development?

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Here is a crazy prediction: In 5 years, most applications will be built using what I like to call the JHC triumvirate (JavaScript, HTML, CSS). I’ll give you a second to gather yourself. You ok? Good.┬áNow, let’s talk about why this may be. Since the dawn of time, people wanted to code once, but have […]