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The Microsoft Tax


Microsoft’s recent embrace of open-source software does not eliminate the cost you pay if you decide to embrace its stack.

Lipstick on a Pig is Not UX

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Microsoft’s new Visual Studio attempts to “engender the impression that VS feels lighter and less complex”. In other words, instead of radically rethinking what a great development experience would be like, they focused on obfuscating the problem.

Agile Testing: Test case management

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In a previous post on Agile testing, I looked at how Microsoft Test Manager and Twist from ThoughtWorks Studios allow QA and Devs to collaborate on creation of functional tests. In this post, I will examine how well each tool allows you manage your test cases.

Agile Testing: Dev QA collaboration

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One of the key tenets of agile development is that testing is a shared responsibility. Everyone on the team is expected to figure out what to test and to┬átest the product. In essence, the entire team co-owns all tests. Yet some types of tests, namely functional tests, are difficult to co-own. Unlike unit tests which […]

Devs Say the Darndest Things

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Software guys have great sayings. This may be surprising to some since we don’t usually associate mastery of the spoken word with geekdom. Nonetheless, there are some gems out there and I’ve compiled a short list of my favorites. Enjoy! “You can only have one baby in nine months no matter how many women you […]