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Database Source Control Revisited


A while back I blogged about strategies for putting your database artifacts under source control. At the time, I thought that a schema synchronization approach (implemented by Visual Studio Database project) was the way to go. Among other things, it seemed more DBA friendly.

Managing Test Data

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To create functional tests for your web applications, you need data in your database. The crucial thing about this test data is that it should be stable. Otherwise, your tests are not deterministic and that makes them useless. For example, if your test uses an Employee record with ID = 100 and Name = “Bob Smith”, you […]

Database Source Control and Deployment

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All good devs know that your source code should be in source control. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important ones is the ability to rebuild and deploy your entire application whenever you want. Database artifacts (tables, views, triggers, stored procs, etc) are an integral part of the application and […]