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Continuous Delivery For the Enterprise

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What if you work in a place that doesn’t need to do A/B testing of the latest feature set and isn’t driven by competition to deliver a new capability every other week? What if you work for the dreaded “Enterprise”? Should you still do Continuous Delivery?

How Capable Is Your Technology Team?


Do you know how capable your technology team is? How do you assess its capabilities? What do you look for?

The One Million Dollar Team

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I was curious about how much an optimally sized, fully self-sufficient, highly talented software development team would cost. So, I decided to collect some data and find out. It turns out that such a team in Los Angeles costs a bit over $1.1 million per year.

The Incubation Effect

A colleague recently mentioned to me an interesting psychological phenomenon called the Incubation Effect, which is an observation that people do better at problem solving if they put the problem aside for a while before coming back to it. This effect is certainly not counterintuitive. Many people, myself included, have experienced it. On more than one […]

The Software Team

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Software development is a team sport (Yes, I realize that lone wolf coders can accomplish amazing things, but that just doesn’t scale well). To succeed in a team sport, you need a good team. To understand how to build a good team, you may need to look to other team sports for guidance. Sports like basketball. In basketball, successful teams […]