Steve Jobs’ passing away this week unleashed an avalanche of opinions on every conceivable topic even remotely related to him. Will there be another one like him? What will happen to Apple? Who will lead future technology revolutions?

Jobs’ work impacted many people in many ways. Here are some of the ways he impacted me.


I honestly cannot remember the last time I brought a CD. I also don’t use file “sharing” services to get music. Instead, I use iTunes.

It’s hard to underestimate the impact Steve Jobs had on the music industry. Aside from creating a new distribution model and a new pricing structure, he changed the basic unit of music from album to single. Sure, albums are still sold today, but the time when you had to buy a whole CD worth of music just to get a song you like is gone.


I really like taking pictures of random things I find interesting / funny / esthetically pleasing. I also really like taking pictures (and video) of my daughter. Yet, I’m obviously way too lazy to carry a camera. Enter iPhone.

Sure, iPhone isn’t the first phone with a camera in it and it’s certainly not the best camera available in a smart phone. Yet, it’s good enough and it has tons of awesome apps to take and edit pictures. The number of pictures I take since getting the iPhone increased by 1000 percent (give or take).


I have a pretty long drive to work and I like having something to listen to. However, since music radio stations are varying degrees of “not listenable”, NPR was pretty much my only option. Not bad as options go, but still.

Things changed in a big way ever since I got a car with an iPhone hookup. Suddenly, I could listen to anything I could put on an iPhone while driving.

As it turns out, there are many (many, many) podcasts available on iTunes. Podcasts on every conceivable topic and quality. In the mood for something funny? How about Adam Corolla, Nerdist, Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me, or The Bugle. Something geeky? This developer’s life. Something interesting? Planet Money, Ted Talks. And so on and so forth. Driving to work has never been this fun.


Ever since getting the iPad, both the amount and the variety of information I read has increased dramatically. Whether it’s books, articles, blogs, newspapers, or magazines, I can read a lot more because iPad makes it so convenient. My favorite apps for reading are Flipboard, iBooks, Instapaper, and Safari To Go.

Final Thought

Thank you Mr. Jobs, for everything. RIP.

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