The world is full of free apps, some good, others great. Yet as great as they all are, they do have one big problem. Namely, every time I install a new free app, I wonder about exactly how its creators intend to make money. Am I going to see a bunch of ads? Are they going to sell me something? Are they going to sell me to someone?

Now, I should note that this guessing game can be a lot of fun, especially if you take into account what permissions the app is asking for. That said, I would like to propose an explicit rating system for free apps. Using simple iconography, app makers can finally let their users know exactly how they plan to generate revenue:

rating system for free apps

Though this set is incomplete, it does cover a good range of free app money making options. If you think of anything I missed, please do let me know here or on Twitter @AlexTatiyants.

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