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A Rating System For Free Apps


Every time I install a new free app, I wonder about exactly how its creators intend to make money. Am I going to see a bunch of ads? Are they going to sell me something? Are they going to sell me to someone?

Online Commenter Types


There are many, many people online who like to comment on things. A few are lucid, most are harmless, but some are… Well, let’s just say “not very nice”.

My Startup Story


The Lean Startup movement has inspired many budding entrepreneurs to build great companies which solve real problems. It has been responsible for many stories of entrepreneurial passion, dedication, and ultimate success. This is one such story.

My 2012 in Blogging


With 2012 coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to review another year in blogging.

Unused Geek Humor Headlines

One of my favorite things to do is write satirical articles on various technology topics. Quite often, the first thing I come up with is a funny headline. Then, through the magic of non-procrastination, some of those headlines get written into full stories. Unfortunately, not all do.

A Sermon from the Church of RESTafarianism


Brothers and Sisters, I’ve come here today to preach the word of the mighty RESTa as revealed to us by the Great Profit Fielding, blessed be his dissertation.

Facebook Launches Google Ad Campaign to Raise Stock Price

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BREAKING NEWS: In an effort to increase public awareness of its recent IPO, Facebook has just announced a massive advertising campaign using Google’s AdWords platform

Prove Me Right

Do you frequently find yourself arguing with people who are more informed and/or smarter than you? Prove Me Right’s unique service can help!

Code Review Gone Bad


“Hi Mike, I just wanted to once again apologize for yesterday’s code review. I said and did some things I’m not very proud of…”

Dysfunctional Programming 101


Functional programming has been all the rage lately, yet surprisingly few have heard about an intriguing alternative known as Dysfunctional (or FUctional) programming.

Newly Discovered Nostradamus Works Predict Technology Breakthroughs


BREAKING NEWS – A previously unknown book of quatrains by Nostradamus appears to predict key breakthroughs in the field of information technology.