BREAKING NEWS – A previously unknown book of quatrains by Nostradamus was recently discovered in a small church in Salon-de-Provence. Called “The Codex of Dyadic Sciences”, these works by the ancient French apothecary/prophet appear to predict a number of key breakthroughs in the field of information technology.

The Great Prophet Speaks Again

Most quatrains have been analyzed by a group of leading technologists and have yielded some truly amazing predictions. For example, consider this quatrain:

When the Vulpi of Fire enters its fourth dimension,
And the Cerulean Mark of the Northern Dominion passes ten,
And the steely Tri-color Sphere of the Wise Seekers enters infinity,
A new era of blissful creation will be unleashed upon the webbed craftsmen.

Experts believe that Nostradamus is describing a time when all three major browsers will fully support a set of web standards, finally making it possible to develop truly browser agnostic web applications.

In another quatrain, Nostradamus seems to be predicting the spread of JavaScript to the server:

The gift of Eich, relegated for such a long time,
Will descend upon the great iron,
When the magical abilities of its scrolls
Become apparent to to the Elixir Worshippers and the Gemstone Alchemists.

Even more impressively, Nostradamus manages to foresee the rise and fall of relational databases:

The Bearded Demi-god unleashed his kindred compendia,
And so it ruled for half a century,
Until an avalanche of datum
Revealed the Naysayers to be the true path forward.

More Work Remains

It should be noted that not all of the quatrains have been decoded by the experts. For instance, no one has yet determined the meaning behind this eery sounding prediction:

The mighty etherial nation created by the cherubic Hooded One
Will overwhelm its citizens with the howls of a million merchants
Until it drives them all away in an epic exodus
Into the solace of the azure fowl.

Experts are asking the public to help in decoding this and other quatrains. If you’d like to participate, please contact me (@AlexTatiyants) at your earliest convenience.

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  1. Michael Andrews says:

    last quatrain might refer to seasteading (azure fowl = ocean) or space X (azure fowl = blue sky)

  2. Evan says:

    I think the scenario described in the “undecoded” quatrain is unlikely. Perhaps if the last line were, “Into the solace of the Hall of Infinite Pinned Images.”

  3. Christopher says:

    Paypal will be wiped clean by Anonymous causing said hysteria by international merchants holding American debt. Appeasement is attempted by coupons for free chickens. Miraculously, it works because the chickens are blue and that is the kind of awesome. Some blue chickens were bundled with rats and plain chickens and sold as AAA chicken buckets to unsuspecting investors causing another great panic when the swindle was uncovered.

  4. codef0rmer says:

    The mighty etherial nation (Facebook) created by the cherubic Hooded One (Mark Zuckerberg)
    Will overwhelm its citizens with the howls of a million merchants (Facebook Apps Developers)
    Until it drives them all away in an epic exodus (people will leave Facebook)
    Into the solace of the azure fowl (for Google+)

  5. Ron says:

    Maybe the last one might be referring to Apple, as much as that’s tough even imagine. Watch it’s stock price…

  6. Rob says:

    “Etherial nation” is Facebook and “cherubic Hooded One” is referring to Mark Zuckerberg, who has a penchant for hooded sweatshirts.

    “Will overwhelm its citizens with the howls of a million merchants
    Until it drives them all away in an epic exodus”

    Talks about how advertisers will drive users away from the site.

    “Into the solace of the azure fowl.”

    …and everyone will jump ship for “azure fowl” aka Twitter

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