BREAKING NEWS: In an effort to increase public awareness of its recent IPO, Facebook has just announced a massive advertising campaign using Google’s AdWords platform. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer said in a statement:

“After we had a few stumbles out of the gate with our public offering, we decided to drum up support for the stock. Our initial plan was to set up a Facebook page for our IPO and launch a Facebook Ads campaign. Because it’s so easy to do that with Facebook, we were able to set everything up very quickly.

Since launch, our IPO page has gathered literally millions of Likes in just a few days, which is great. Unfortunately, those Likes did not seem to have any discernible impact on our stock price.

So, we had to change our approach and go with Google Adwords instead.”

In a somewhat surprising move, Facebook decided to keep the keywords it will target on AdWords private. Here’s an explanation by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s venerable CEO:

“We at Facebook firmly believe in privacy. Sensitive information like keywords could be very damaging to people if it was made publicly available without their consent. And if there is one thing we cherish more than anything else at Facebook, it’s our unshakable commitment to the individual’s right to easily control what they share with the world. Like keywords.”

Though the keywords weren’t publically disclosed by the company, analysts believe that Facebook will be targeting the following:

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  1. The Facebook IPO was such a hype fest. Reached almost $38 on the day of the IPO, only to plummet all the way down to $17.5.
    It’s since been making a slow recovery, but the very fact that they feel they need to use Google to try and increase their PPS is a clear sign that they were truly overvalued at the time of the IPO