Yesterday, Apple announced a new version of its iOS operating system. It’s got a plethora of features and some are actually pretty interesting. In fact, as an iPhone user, I’m kinda looking forward to it. However, as an iPad user, I’m bummed.

You see, Apple decided not to support iOS 6 on the original iPad. This is a problem for me since I still have the first version of the iPad. It works, I use it every day, and I love it. I have no need to upgrade.

Until now. The thing is, iOS developers tend to stop supporting their apps for older versions of the operating system. I get this, it’s a pain to do. Nonetheless, I’m guessing it won’t be too long before my favorite applications no longer run in iOS 5 (I’m looking at you Instapaper).

Apple sold over 15 million iPads. I assume that most of their owners are still happy with their devices and still get good use out of them. What should they do? Jailbreak their iPads? Write angry letters to Apple? Pay developers extra to keep their apps compatible with iOS 5?

Planned obsolescence isn’t new of course. Apple didn’t invent it, they just perfected it.¬†Unfortunately, the price of that perfection is my iPad.

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