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Startup Defaults

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Setting up infrastructure for a new startup is easier than ever with a set of products like Google Apps and AWS.

Facebook Launches Google Ad Campaign to Raise Stock Price

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BREAKING NEWS: In an effort to increase public awareness of its recent IPO, Facebook has just announced a massive advertising campaign using Google’s AdWords platform

Google Introduces A New Language to Replace English

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BREAKING NEWS: Google just announced a brand new language called Zoom aimed to replace English. Here’s a quote from the official announcement: “With Go, we were able to create a better C++. With Dart, we re-imagined JavaScript. With Zoom, we are finally rethinking the English language.”


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In the spirit of responsible blogging, I would like to correct a few mistakes I made in some recent posts.

Trunk Development: Can’t we all just get along?

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Trunk development is an approach that leverages a single branch of code for all active projects. It helps eliminate painful merges, but requires a heightened level of awareness by the project teams.