In the spirit of responsible blogging, I would like to correct a few mistakes I made in some recent posts:

No Ice Cream For You

My coverage of Google’s announcement contained a slight error. As it turns out, Google is not opening a new chain of upscale frozen treat shops. I regret the mistake and would especially like to apologize to Google shareholders for the panicked sell off I inadvertently caused.

No Siri, No Cry

In a post on the new iPhone and its digital assistant technology, I was mistaken in insisting that Siri can experience real human emotions. To clarify, neither I nor anyone I know has ever seen Siri cry.

Just Ignore The Blinking Lights

As part of my analysis of the new Facebook redesign, I incorrectly stated that the new look was developed by the Department of Defense as an elaborate experiment in extreme sensory overload. Contrary to all available evidence, this is not factually correct.

On a related note, my class action lawsuit against Facebook for psychological abuse will not move forward. Apparently, I do not have the necessary legal standing to certify a class.

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