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Introducing Platen: Markdown WordPress Editor

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Today I want to tell you about a piece of software I’ve been building for the last few weeks. It’s called Platen and it’s a Markdown WordPress Editor distributed as a Chrome packaged app. 

How to Create a Bar Chart Archive Widget In WordPress

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Each time I redesign my blog, I try to implement some cool, visually interesting feature. This time around, I decided to build a widget to display post archives, styled to look like a vertical bar chart.

How to Use WordPress Custom Post Types to Add Events to Your Site

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One of the more interesting (and useful) features in WordPress is custom post types. As the name suggests, WordPress allows you to define your own post types which are treated just like existing ones (i.e. Posts and Pages).

Creating a WordPress Theme


I’ve known for some time that WordPress is an excellent blogging platform. It’s both easy to get started with and infinitely tweak-able. As it turns out, WordPress is also a great platform to develop themes for.

My Favorite WordPress Plugins


One of the things that makes Wordpress a great blogging platform is the plethora of available plugins. Here’s a small selection of my favorites.