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The Microsoft Tax


Microsoft’s recent embrace of open-source software does not eliminate the cost you pay if you decide to embrace its stack.

Continuous Delivery For the Enterprise

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What if you work in a place that doesn’t need to do A/B testing of the latest feature set and isn’t driven by competition to deliver a new capability every other week? What if you work for the dreaded “Enterprise”? Should you still do Continuous Delivery?

Impact of Continuous Delivery Beyond Engineering

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As the practice of Continuous Delivery enters the mainstream of software development, it’s important to understand its impact on every aspect of building and releasing software products from software engineering to quality assurance, product development, and release management.

Painless Production Deployments

The goal of every software team is to get the finished product to the end customer. Yet doing this is surprisingly hard for many teams. In a perfect world, the act of deploying software to production is painless and trustworthy. To know whether you do in fact live in such a world, try answering the following question: can anyone […]