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Groking Angular: Dependency Injection and Testing

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Although Angular’s syntax for Dependency Injection is sometimes difficult to understand, it’s actually quite straight forward to use for testing.

How to Configure IntelliJ IDEA For Angular JS Testing

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Here’s a simple guide on how to configure IntelliJ IDEA to use Karma/Jasmine to run Angular tests

Tests Prevent Code Rot


Tests help safely refactor your code base in order to prevent inevitable code rot.

Don’t Write Tests For Code You Don’t Control

Recently, I ran across a test someone wrote to verify functionality offered by a 3rd party framework.  This didn’t seem right and here’s why. When you write a test, you’re basically saying the following: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. With this test, I am making it known that the software I wrote (or […]

Web UI Testing Frameworks: There could be only one

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To create good web applications, you need to test them. To test effectively, you need a good Web UI testing framework (which I will abbreviate as WUITF for the rest of this post. Catchy, no?). So, What Makes a Good WUITF? At its most basic, a WUITF should allow you to write tests using some […]

Reading for Devs

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I’ve put together a short list of books any software developer would greatly benefit from. Enjoy! Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship, Robert Martin Maintainability is arguably the most important aspect of good software. If you don’t understand why that is, please read this book. From naming conventions to OO principles, “Uncle Bob” Martin covers […]