Continuous Delivery For the Enterprise

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What if you work in a place that doesn’t need to do A/B testing of the latest feature set and isn’t driven by competition to deliver a new capability every other week? What if you work for the dreaded “Enterprise”? Should you still do Continuous Delivery?

RESTful Web Applications Are Good For You

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There’s been some discussion in web development circles recently about whether RESTful (a.k.a Client MVC, a.k.a. Single page) web applications are a good idea. Or, more accurately, whether they’re a better idea than just serving up HTML from the server.

How Capable Is Your Technology Team?


Do you know how capable your technology team is? How do you assess its capabilities? What do you look for?

The One Million Dollar Team

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I was curious about how much an optimally sized, fully self-sufficient, highly talented software development team would cost. So, I decided to collect some data and find out. It turns out that such a team in Los Angeles costs a bit over $1.1 million per year.

Minimum Viable Development Team

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Imagine that you’re tasked with recruiting a development team to build a new product. What would that team look like? How big would it be? Who would be on it?

You Can’t Teach Height


There is an old saying in basketball that you can’t teach height. For most basketball positions, having a few inches on your competition helps, sometimes a lot. Being a natural athlete helps too. So, basketball GMs try to draft the tallest, most athletically gifted players they can. The rest can be taught.

My 2012 in Blogging


With 2012 coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to review another year in blogging.

Unused Geek Humor Headlines

One of my favorite things to do is write satirical articles on various technology topics. Quite often, the first thing I come up with is a funny headline. Then, through the magic of non-procrastination, some of those headlines get written into full stories. Unfortunately, not all do.

Logitech Keyboard for iPad


Ever since I got my 1st gen iPad two years ago, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to use it for writing. More specifically, I’ve been looking for a good keyboard.

How to Create a Bar Chart Archive Widget In WordPress

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Each time I redesign my blog, I try to implement some cool, visually interesting feature. This time around, I decided to build a widget to display post archives, styled to look like a vertical bar chart.

How To Use HTML5 Data-* Attributes with JQuery and Selenium

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I recently wrote a post about when it’s appropriate to use CSS classes. In it, I made the case that HTML5 Data-* attributes can be used instead of CSS classes to identify elements on a page. In this post, I’ll describe exactly how to do this.